a new name, a trusted heritage

At Ferentino, the technical exposure, that the tech savvy professionals receive competes with the very best in the world. This ultra-modern facility manufactures premium products largely for the International market, mainly Europe and the USA, been abreast with some of the premium marques. All categories of tyres that roll out from its plant are the result of decades of research and development. That proven Italian technical know-how is the DNA of Ferentino and in tandem with time-tested technology are the hallmarks of the facility.

with ferentino, it is not
just the sale,

we value the relationship


A Superlative Tyre Brand from one of the Largest Manufacturing Facilities in South East Asia

Yet another entrepreneurship from Onyx Group

A new tyre brand ushering in a range of premium tyres into the world stage. The hallmark of the brand is its Italian heritage, proven on European and American roads for their safety and comfort. And now, that mastery of superior technology backed by decades of technical know-how is being transferred on-line to its ultra-modern facility in Sri Lanka –an island nation that is replete with tech- savvy professionals, second to none in the world for their prowess and professionalism, to proudly continue the Italian heritage it is known for: that is safety, driving comfort and captivating aesthetics!




Stating our goal as a company

To nurture global partnerships for state-of-the-art-technology and technical know-how and reach out to markets that deliver world class tyres for a wide spectrum of mobility for a discerning clientele.



Stating the path we take to reach company goal

  • To create a futuristic workspace in the tyre industry deploying state-of-the-art-technology and technical know-how
  • To garner and value-add human capital creating employment in par with world standards
  • To proactively reap market share delivering products that are world-class
  • To sustainably grow from strength to strength nurturing stakeholder confidence and the fragile planet earth

Performance, comfort, safety
on any terrain you run, in any weather…

“Those superlatives come because of infusing superior European technology and decades of proven technical know-how, that is now part of the DNA of Ferentino.”

As Chairman of Onyx Group of companies, it gives me great joy and humble pride in seeing Ferentino come of age. This catalogue showcases the whole gamut of Ferentino Tyres on offer, covering a wide spectrum of applications. Tyre connoisseurs of the world will no doubt find out the superlative attributes that goes into a Ferentino Tyre: performance, comfort, safety run on any terrain, in any weather that qualifies it as world class, and that which the demanding clientele of the tyre trade want and seek. Those superlatives come because of infusing superior European technology and decades of proven technical know-how, that is now part of the DNA of Ferentino.

Mr. Nandana Lokuwithana,
Onyx Group of Companies

That is just the technicalities of the Ferentino story. There is another aspect to the Ferentino story that I like to share. That story relates to the land of my birth—Sri Lanka. As an entrepreneur, I full well know the immense resources Sri Lanka has on offer –particularly the tach savvy youth of the nation and the opportunities that come with it that can propel Sri Lanka on to the world stage. The youth of the country, I must say, are well rounded in their education, trained, and experienced. Given the environment, they can bloom into full-bodied professionals, second to none in the world. That is why, I was optimistically ambitious in commencing my many ventures in the land of my birth – with ground-breaking technology and new age technical know-how. Acquiring the nation’s steel manufacturing giant, Ceylon Steel Corporation Limited, my first venture, is a success because of technology that made it future ready. Ongoing construction of a cement plant in South Sri Lanka, at Hambanthota, is yet another example of superior ‘green’ technology. And the nation’s able youth are ready to serve in them. And now, together with Ferentino, the nation is well on its way to fast-forward industrially, economically, and socially. My sincere thank you to all the professionals of the land of my birth, Sri Lanka, in giving wings to a vision such as Ferentino!