Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At Ferentino, we not only acknowledge but also take into the highest regard the protection of our customers’ information through every aspect of our operations.

The following policy aims to portray the various levels of information obtained along with the methods of collection the website may employ. Likewise, the policy further contains our standards for data gathering, monitored usage, maintenance, security and disclosure of said information.

This policy is with regards to information we gather exclusively:

  • Through/By means of this website
  • Via Email and/or any electronically generated messages between this website and you; our customer.

What information does Ferentino collect?

In order to serve our customers better, our processes call for a variety of information including

  • Primary identifiers; such as name, contact numbers, e-mail addresses, postal addresses or postal codes, or any alternative identifiers through which means our company may keep in touch with you either via online or offline mediums.
  • Information regarding your internet connection, the medium used to access our website as well as all generically available usage details.

Likewise, Ferentino may also gather

  • Information provided through forms on our website. For instance, whilst requesting for a quotation or inquiry of services.
  • Information provided for the enrolment into competitions or promotional sponsorships headed by Frerentino.
  • Information provided when fault reporting or feedback provision regarding our website and/or services.
  • Records of correspondence information (including email addresses), should you wish to get in touch with us.
  • Survey response data which may be asked for research intentions.
  • Your search history on our website
  • Information collected through ADCT (Automatic Data Collection Technologies) as a result of navigation and interactions with our website. This information includes
  • Records of your visits to the website including data on traffic, location, logs and other forms of communicative data and ancillary resources that would be used to access the website.
  • Data regarding your device and internet connectivity including IP addresses, operating system and browser platform.
  • Details pertaining to the usage of the website. This would include accessed date and timestamps, pages as well as the duration spent on the website and the count of re-visitation to the website.
  • Universal demographical information in addition to information should you choose to forward or click-through e-mails and/or other mediums of advertisements.

Automatically Collected Data is in its entirety statistical data and does not initially possess any form of personal information. However, information may be linked or correlated to personal information previously received from you, have collated through external means and/or from third party sources. This form of knowledge aims to assist us at Ferentino on improvements, new developments and most importantly providing our customers with a significantly better and more personalised service. Therefore, said information would enable us,

  • Derive approximations on audience size and utilisation patterns.
  • Collate information regarding your preferences, thereby enabling is to push customisations onto our website for your viewing pleasure.
  • Significantly improve the speed of your searches.
  • Recognise you for a more personalised experience.

How does Ferentino collect my information?

As a result of our dynamic website, customer information would be collected

  • Through direct provision from you, to us.
  • As you navigate through our website, information collected automatically may include utilisation details, IP addresses along with information collected through in-built cookies.
  • Via third party platforms. For instance, our business collaborators and/or social networking platforms (including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.) should you be redirected to our website from said platforms.Moreover, information collected via the ADCT (Automatic Data Collection Technologies) may be gathered through means of
  • Cookies (Browser Cookies): Cookies are file packs created by websites you visit. They make your online experience easier by saving browsing information. Although you may certainly choose to refrain your browser from accepting cookies by adjusting the appropriate settings on your browsing platform, certain contents of our website might be denied access as a result. Therefore,
    unless manually adjusted via the browser settings, our website will issue cookies when visited.
  • Web Beacons: A web beacon (additionally referred to a tag, tracking pixel, GIF or clear GIF) is any of several techniques used to track who is visiting a web page. This method of ADCT helps
    the organisation analyse various statistics such as website popularity in addition to detailing aspects like system probity.

However, you may also inspect the “Help” menu of your chosen browser, device or operating system for further details on how to clear and/or disable your browser or operating system from accepting cookies as well as the management of your tracking preferences.

How would Ferentino use my information?

The information gathered about our customers; both manually and automatically regarding all above stated aspects, may be used as follows:

  • For the presentation of our website and its articles to you.
  • For the provision of requested information, products and/or services from us.
  • For the fulfilment of any additional purpose the information was provided to satisfy.
  • For the development of newer products and/or services in subsequence to conducting a thorough analysis on our current fleet of products and/or services
  • For the liaising of any ancillary information via company newsletters and/or other promotional mediums from Frerntino.
  • For the revision of usage, functionality of operative segments of our website, enhancement of viewable contact, development of products and/or services as well as to rectify any rising issues
    regarding the website.
  • For the usage of your information in an accumulative undefined format for analytical and demographical grounds in order to provide you with a wider range of customised articles and/or
    targeted offers.
  • To preserve the security and probity of both the platform and our organisation.
  • To inform you about improvements and/or changes to our website as well as liaise any additionally information regarding the products or services we offer and/or provide through our website.
  • For any additional purpose, subsequent to your consent.

Being in an intercontinental environment, we may use your information to reach out to you regarding our third parties’ goods and/or services that may be of direct value or interest to you. However, should you wish for us to refrain from using your information as stated, you may calibrate your user preferences through your account.

To Who or When would Ferentino disclose my information?

Information gathered about our customers may be shared to and/or disclosed as follows:

  • To our partnering subsidiaries and/or affiliates.
  • To our services providers, distributors, contractors and/or other third party organisations who support our organisation, should the information be of requirement to them in order to provide Ferentino with professional, business and/or technical support.
  • To our chosen partners and other third party organisations that we assume may have ancillary offers, products and/or services that would be of direct interest to you.
  • To a potential buyer or successor in an event of a merger, divestiture, restructuring, reorganisation, dissolution and/or other forms of sale or transfer of some or all of Forentino’s assets wether as a organisational concern or as a result of bankruptcy, liquidation or similar preceding through which customer information upheld by Ferentino regarding our website would be among the transferred assets.
  • For the fulfilment of the purpose for which the information was initially provided and/or for any additional purpose disclosed by Ferentino when information is being gathered.
  • For any additional purpose, subsequent to your consent.

Furthermore, we may additionally disclose your personal information:
As called for, should we anticipate that disclosure of above stated information is unavoidable or mandatory to safeguard the proprietary rights, property or security of Ferentino and their customers or any other parties in the event of a violation of the website’s terms of use injunction, customer agreement or any entitlements of supportive third parties.

To promptly respond to any judicial activity, supply information to validated law enforcement and/or private or public regulatory bodies personnel or in association to an investigation on cases related to but not concluding with public safety.

What is Ferentino’s commitment to Data Security?

Here at Ferentino, our customer’s data security is at our highest priority and therefore have taken several precautionary measures physically, administratively as well as technically to ensure that your information is safe with us. However, as a means of consumer empowerment we have developed a few mechanisms to help you control the flow of your information.

  • Tracking Technologies and/or Automated Advertisement Push: Although you may certainly choose to refrain your browser from accepting cookies or to alert through push notifications when
    cookies are being sent by adjusting the appropriate settings on your browsing platform, certain contents of our website might be denied access as a result which might hinder the functionality of the website.
  • Promotional Materials or Offers from Ferentino: if you prefer to not have your e-mail and/or contact information used by the company to liaise promotional information of our own or of our
    third parties’ products and/or services, you may certainly choose to opt-out by:

    • Selecting the appropriate option provided on forms prior to submission of requested data
      Sending us an email to *email address here* containing your request.
      Sending us a reply to a previously sent email requesting to be excluded from future email broadcasts.

However, this opt-out option does not apply to data provided to Ferentino by cause of purchase of products/services, warranty registration, product service experience and/or other transactions.

Whilst Ferentino uses internationally recognised, reasonable forms of security firewalls to ensure the security and probity of our networks and systems, instances of breach in security may occur that might compromise the integrity of your information collated in conjunction of this policy. Therefore upon visitation to the website, you will by default agree to not hold Ferentino nor its internal stakeholders (Directors, Affiliates, Offices and/or other Employees) responsible and/or liable or the loss or damage by or attempted unsanctioned or uncertified access, usage and/or disclosure of your personal information.

Would Ferentino amend the Privacy Policy further?

As a result of operating in a dynamic and ever-evolving environment, there would be instances wherein the Privacy Policy would need to be revised and amended accordingly. However as transparency to our customers is of top regard to us, we aim to ensure that all changes are communicated timely and clearly via the provided email address or through a push notification on
our website’s homepage. Moreover, the date that our privacy policy was last revised is stated at the top of this page. You as a consumer are responsible for certifying and verifying that we have a contactable, up-to-date email address that we may use to communicate forecasted changes in addition to periodically visiting our website to validate the privacy policy for any changes.

I have a few questions. How can I get in touch with Ferentino?

Should you have any enquiries, concerns or suggestions regarding the above stated privacy policy or any of the implementations describes previously, do feel free to contact us at Ferentino. We would be glad to offer clarifications.